“I’m not gentle with you because I doubt your strength, my lady, but because I know the full extent of mine.”


Lady Natalie Blackmere has always dreamed of meeting the renowned champions of Aldland, especially the legendary Brandon the Bear. When at last the Grand Tourney comes to Blackmere, Natalie swaps places with a barmaid and sneaks out to follow her dreams. But when bandits besiege her town, Natalie barely escapes with the surviving champions. Alone in the woods with the man she has always admired, Natalie must keep her identity a secret and step up to become the leader she was born to be, if she is to save her people.

Brandon the Bear is a champion that ballads are sung about. Or, he was. Past his prime and struggling with each new tourney, Brandon fears his time as a champion has come to an end. When the fight becomes real, he is determined to save the townspeople of Blackmere and rescue the lady who ruled over it. Though there is no love lost for Lady Blackmere, the noblewoman who allowed her town to be vulnerable to attack, and his fellow champions slain, Brandon is resolved to do the right thing. And when a beautiful barmaid looks at him with stars in her eyes, he feels like maybe he can be the hero she thinks he is.


Note from the author: Content warning: This story is about two people falling in love and neither of them are skinny. On a couple of occasions, a big jerk picks on the hero for his weight. He is a jerk, and no one likes him. He’ll get what’s coming to him in future books. We love the hero and his magnificent bod. Brandon is a cinnamon roll and there’s lots of consent and face sitting. Also a few people get murdered. Enjoy!

The Hearts of Blackmere series is a fantasy romance set in a medieval (but better) inspired world of Aldland.  The Lady’s Champion is book 1 of 3 books that will follow Brandon and Natalie. Book 2, The Champion’s Desire is releasing January 20th, 2021. Book 3 is releasing March 2021. 

 There is NOT a cliffhanger. 


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Only You (Can Prevent Forest Fires)- Marie Lipscomb 

Lost in the woods in the middle of a storm, Vanessa seeks refuge in a fire lookout tower, but finds much more than shelter. Simon is gruff, burly, and distractingly handsome-if the Smokey Bear aesthetic is your thing (and it totally is.).

Adelita- Natalie Andrews 

Leah Abreggo hopped in her car on a moment’s notice and drove to her past—and possibly also her future. Raphael Segovia, the romantic painter who once loved her, embodied both. Could he love her again after she broke his heart? While she wondered if the answer lived in a portrait of her he painted long ago, she never expected to search for her answer in the middle of the night with only one bed.

Is This Love- Lory Wendy

Ricardo Nolan’s goal was to catch flights, not feelings, when he planned a trip to the One Love Music Festival on the island of Isle été Tropicale. But that’s exactly what happens when he runs into quick-witted Shawna Max who, in a matter of days, shows him what love is and what it’s like to take a leap of faith.

Artistic Crisis- Faye Black

Jiao is about to live the day of her dreams as a webcomic artist with the girl of her dreams- the author of her comic who she’s been crushing on for years. It starts off with finding out the hotel messed up their bed arrangement and goes downhill from there. If she can make it through the experience without embarassing herself in front of her crush, or her sister disowning her, she’ll call it a success. 

Drawing Conclusions- Alicai Martin

Jen has crushed on Elís since high school. Fifteen years later, they run into each other when a storm grounds their flights. Now hotels are filling up, and Jen has to take her shot or let her anxiety win again. 

The Wedding Night- Inga Gardner 

It’s awkward going to your former step-daughter’s wedding, especially when an old crush-specifically, your former brother in law- is going to be there as well. But it’s one weekend, and surely that massive, inappropriate crush, will have faded by now. Nicholas was looking forward to his niece’s wedding, until he learns one of his brother’s exes, the one he always wished he’d met first, is going to be there. All would have been fine if not for a mix up with the reservations…

A Ghostly Getaway- Adrienne Black 

Sean was a fan of anything that could put a chill down his spine; horror movies, rollar coasters, bungee jumping, etc. And at his side during slasher film marathons or when jumping off bridges was always his best friend, Amara. When they have a chance to spend the weekend at a notoriously haunted hotel they aren’t going to turn it down just because there is only one bed. 

Where I Dream- Leandra Vane

Lucy lives in a 1880s home in the woods as part of her job with a museum association. Everything is upended when Carmen, the museum archivist shows up to do an overnight inventory on the property. Lucy’s crush on Carmen grows the more they work together, especially as evening looms in the big historical house with only one living quarters. Lucy soon learns that sometimes our wildest dreams are closer than we imagine. 


Now Available to buy on amazon and free to read on kindle unlimited